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Lee Millard Financial Adviser

About me

Firstly, a family man, married to Sarah, with two beautiful children (Riley & Marcee). Secondly, an Independent Financial Adviser with a wealth of experience in looking after the financial interests of clients. No two clients are the same and they all have their own unique objectives. My expertise allows me to fulfil long term financial goals through an ever changing backdrop of personal circumstances, tax changes and investment cycles. Lastly, a keen sports enthusiast, in particular football which has lead me to looking after a number of high-profile footballers across the country and beyond.





The 2018 window of opportunity….what is the real view?

So the New Year has begun and many of us across the country will be using this as an opportunity to make certain changes. ...

Financial Planning from Wealth Solutions (UK) Ltd

Watch this youtube video from Wealth Solutions (UK) Ltd for some insight into protecting your wealth as a footballer.

Festive Fixtures and the Christmas Crunch

Read my latest blog about how the festive season can take its toll on the family lives of footballers.

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